We strive to be:

Curious enough to search hard –
  Bright enough to understand what we find;
Devious enough to find the cracks – 
  Daring enough to exploit them;
Patient enough to explain – 
  Humble enough to listen;
Diligent enough to explore the alternatives –
  Bold enough to make the call.

Meet some of the personalities

Martin Hill

Lead Engineer

Experienced in a broad range of IT technical skills.

Successfully delivered a wide variety of information systems from rigorous mission critical military and space projects to fast turn-around demonstrators. Pragmatic business skills established by leading teams to deliver projects on time and budget, winning bids and negotiating contracts.

Now focusing on decision support: distributing information to decision makers that they can assimilate in time to usefully act on.

Practiced in cavalry and infantry tactics, military radio, combat engineering and decision support analytical techniques with the British Army. Currently training analysts. Studies knowledge distribution at Cranfield University (the Defence Academy.)

Eva Rose

Research Assistant

Cyber Security Apprentice and recent BSc Mathematics [hons] graduate with a place at Royal Holloway to study Cryptography and Communications MSc.

BCS L4 Awards: Cyber Security Introduction, Network & Digital Communication Theory, Security Case Development and Good Design Practice, Security Technology Building Blocks

Delivered key survey of literature review techniques to the SBOK project, and continues to develop better knowledge searching practices. Provides the mathematic expertise for unusual papers such as the Trace Elements and the Lancaster Space Gun.

Planned and stewarded social events for up to 300 students and participated within educational festivals for upwards of 200 people. Brought experimental training exercises into production. Develops short educational videos. Studying tactical information systems security.

Henry Pike

Research Assistant

With a place at Birmingham to read a Masters in Physics, Henry is expanding his experience beforehand by contributing to Unusual System’s research programme.

He is focussing on the Lancaster Space Gun and is currently a guinea pig on our ‘Searching the Body of Knowledge’ methods and Cyber Security training programme.

Colin Beattie

System Administrator

System Administrator and Ethical Hacker.

Comfortable down amongst the bits and frames; constructing Intrusion Detection Systems and network routing balancers under highly dynamic loads.

Provides IT infrastructure support.

Trains cyber security elements including delivering cyber ranges for practising attack and defence exercises. Drives the educational element of our cyber security exercises.

Steven Norfolk

Research Analyst

Recent Physics MSc graduate from Loughborough University.

Steven is contributing his physics expertise and research skills to the Lancaster Space Gun project and taking part in our Cyber Security training programme.  

Steve Philips

Creative Director

Science teacher and illustrator, the creative director behind our IN.Security project.

Studying better learning and teaching methods especially around creativity and imagination.

Angela Dooley

Lead Designer

Graphic Designer, Data Visualizer, with a BA (Hons) in 3D Computer Animation.

Experienced Management Information Analyst in the military logistics and asset management sectors. A broad range of working IT skills, currently handling a range of graphics to support game design and extending exercises.

Alex Betts

Media Producer

Alex joined us in March 2021 to create our training videos and online content. She quickly gained a Camtasia Certification and is bringing a welcome sense of humour and style to our training videos.

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