A selection of some of our more interesting deliveries

‘Big Data’ Defence System


QinetiQ is one of the UK’s top defence contractors, providing technology-based products and services to the UK military. 

Unusual Systems delivered an upgrade to a mission-critical component of a ‘big data’ DDS-based pipeline system.

Robots & Algorithms


Ocado is one of the world’s largest online grocery retail suppliers.

Unusual Systems delivered a number of incremental upgrades to their legacy systems, saving significant recurring costs. 

Searching Classified Archives


DSTL often has to search through physical archives which requires considerable time by highly cleared and knowledgeable staff.

Unusual Systems brought online a bespoke catalogue system to digitize, index, search and organise highly classified data from archive, saving significant search times.

Big Data Analysis Pipeline


HMRC integrates several large datasets from various agencies to identify tax fraud and evasion.

While working for Capgemini, Unusual Systems staff integrated new larger data sets and associated software into a week-long data pipeline managed by bespoke legacy web services.

Sharded Data Warehouse


The Home Office Border Force needed to integrate various large datasets to reduce the time their analysts took to identify illegal immigrants.

While working for Capgemini, Unusual Systems staff prototyped a data warehouse based on Palantir’s ‘sharded’ distributed database. Search times improved in some cases from weeks to a few seconds.

Real-Time Battlefield Sensor Monitoring


Lockheed Martin upgraded a Counter-Rocket, Artillery & Missile system to protect operating bases in Afghanistan. 

Unusual Systems designed and delivered – on time and to budget – monitoring software that reported system faults to ensure the system remained operational.

Astronomically Big Data


Astronomers typically work with very large semi-structured datasets that do not integrate well across disciplines. 

Working for the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Unusual Systems staff built web service ‘grid’ components to publish data and provide querying services to interface with other data processing services.

Battlefield Sensor Meshes


The British Army seeks to improve soldier’s awareness of the situation around them in environments where data is sparse, unreliable and cluttered.

General Dynamics tasked Unusual Systems staff to lead research into possible solutions.

Satellite Control Systems


Unusual Systems staff delivered, supported and upgraded mission-critical satellite control systems in the strongly constrained and rigorous delivery operations that these require.

Safari Rally


Delivered a bespoke software system to manage the leader boards for the East Africa Safari Rally. The system calculated which cars were on what leg of the route and their relative positions on the leader board even where data was missing.

Camel Breeding


Small Business Systems, the ancestor of Unusual Systems, delivered a bespoke system to analyse camel breed performance, developed from human private practice and medical software.

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