“Command, Control, Communications and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance” in the tactical environments.

The land battlefield is probably the most dynamic, complex and harsh environment in which to assemble and communicate useful understanding of the situation. Data is sparse, unreliable and cluttered with irrelevance. Friends and enemies both hide and deceive. Situations are fraught and the path to satisfactory outcomes largely obscure.

Data from Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance must be assembled, fused and analysed quickly enough to be useful intelligence before the situation changes significantly. Computers and Communication must provide Commanders with sufficient awareness and understanding to be able to control their resources and shape the situation. Combining this plethora of data gathered from sensors, reports and interviews is a considerable challenge.

We have delivered research papers, prototype sensor meshes and upgrades to battlefield operational systems.  

We can help you build systems that work in harsh, contested environments. 

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