The British Army seeks to improve soldier’s awareness of the situation around them in environments where data is sparse, unreliable and cluttered.


As a Principal Engineer at General Dynamics, an Unusual Systems staff member was engaged to lead research and develop technologies that would improve soldier’s awareness of the situation around them.


  • Evaluated cutting edge sensors including shot detectors, ground-based radar, motion detectors, video analytics, heat sensors, etc.
  • Designed and developed federated tactical sensor network meshes to integrate a wide range of capabilities in a dynamic, hostile and power-constrained environment.
  • Led a team of highly qualified researchers to develop algorithms that fused real-time data from wide varieties of sensors into usefully informative data.
  • Researched technical papers on tactical issues such as managing logistics information close to the front line.
  • Integrated C4I tactical networks with operational networks.


These provided the MoD with the expertise to evaluate and select tactical C4I systems for operational use.

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