A selection of some of our extra-curricular interests; see also our partner Knowledge4Strength collaboration


A table top game to engage non-technical people, to help them understand and remember cyber security threats. 

Battlefield C4ISTAR

The land battlefield is probably the most dynamic, complex and harsh environment in which to assemble and communicate useful understanding of the situation. 

Unusual Systems deliver research papers, prototype systems and operational upgrades to help control military resources and shape the land battle.

Arnhem Intelligence Exercise

Based on the WW2 operation that was partially dramatised in the film “A Bridge Too Far”, this exercise is based on the actual reports received by the analysts at the time.

Use it to exercise and develop your team’s abilities to collate, assess, discuss and communicate. 

Searching the Body of Knowledge

Our academic research into ‘communicating across poorly-connected collaborations’ includes this study into how we search for existing answers.

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